Molinari Qualita Rosso

Molinari is an Italian roasting company that began its history back in the century before last. Now Molinari exports its product to almost all countries, having gained worldwide fame. The products of this company are different from industrial Italian coffee and occupy the premium segment of the coffee market.

In the assortment there are mixtures with robusta, which will appeal to lovers of strong invigorating coffee. One such blend is Qualità Rosso. This blend of arabica and robusta in the ratio of 75% to 25% has a pleasant aroma, rich tart taste and a chocolate aftertaste, and dark roasting makes this blend ideal for making drinks with milk: cappuccino, latte, espresso make-up.

The main advantages: 

  •  goes well with milk;
  •  bright aroma;
  •  invigorating, strong on caffeine.


  •  dense body, tart taste with bitterness in the aftertaste, for an amateur.