Julius Meinl Wiener Mokka

The history of the Julius Meinl brand (Julius Minele) began in the second half of the 19th century. The company became the founder of the famous Viennese coffee culture, to this day recreating the atmosphere of old Vienna in its coffee houses. The company logo (Mauritian silhouette) is recognizable all over the world; it is a tribute to the historical influence of the Ottoman Empire, which brought coffee to Austria.

The assortment contains both monosorts and coffee blends. Wiener Mokka is 100% Arabica from Serrado (Central Brazil) Viennese roast. The aroma contains freshly baked bread and dried fruits, a rich, chocolate flavor with notes of hazelnut.

The main advantages:

  •     dense, thick, rich coffee with an intense taste;
  •     without sourness.


  •     tart taste with bitterness, only for those who like bitterness in the drink.