Blasercafe Lilla e Rose

The Swiss company Blasercafé consists of two parts. The first, Blaser Trading AG, is engaged in the purchase and sale of green coffee, and the second, Blasercafé AG, is directly roasted. In addition to Specialty varieties, Blasercafé offers a diverse line of coffee bouquets that can satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee lovers.

One of the most popular items in the assortment is the Lilla e Rose coffee bouquet. This blend consists of 80% selected Arabica and 20% of washed Robusta. Roasting is darker than average. The aroma felt flowers, honey with caramel and hazelnuts. The taste is balanced in bitterness and acidity. This coffee bean will be the best choice for lovers of moderately bitter coffee.

The main advantages:

  •   balance in bitterness and acidity, palpable sweetness in taste;
  •   goes well with milk.


  •     for preparation in a coffee machine, not for alternative methods.